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Water Canada is an influencer, a networker, and a newsmaker. Our editors and researchers know the industry and the people implementing plans and projects on the frontlines. Thousands of readers turn to us for exclusive, insightful content that speaks to Canada’s water expertise, connects decision-makers, and promotes better water management and stewardship. The publication continues to be a trusted and reliable source for more than 35,000 professionals who follow Water Canada in print and online. Just ask our readers.

As the only unaffiliated national water magazine in Canada, Water Canada is uniquely positioned to connect all segments of the water sector, providing opportunities for learning and knowledge-sharing. Each year, the Water Canada Summit unites water industry professionals under one roof to celebrate successes, share emerging trends, and take deep dives in learning. Our hope is that the Water Canada Summit continues to facilitate the gathering of water nerds.


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“Water Canada magazine is all about big projects and bigger ideas that are helping to propel the water industry into the future. But it’s not the only story. If you take a closer look, you’ll see the people. The unsung heroes who tirelessly work to improve policy about water safety and sustainability; the ones who educate others on water protection, resiliency, and conservation; and the ones who work for not-enough money to make sure their communities’ drinking and wastewater facilities run smoothly. The Water Canada Summit celebrates those heroes–their commitment, passion, and ideas that push Canada forward in its mission to conserve, protect, and provide water for all.”

Jen Smith, Editor of Water Canada

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