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The Water’s Next Awards Are Remarkable: Here’s Why

Water’s Next is a celebration of the best that the water sector has to offer across the country. Presented by Water Canada, the program is designed to elevate the people who have dedicated themselves to changing the way we use and understand water.

What makes Water’s Next unique? So many things, but  most of all, it’s the people who participate. Two past winners, Kat Hartwig, Executive Director, Living Lakes Canada, and Kevin Litwiller, Director of Marketing & Communications, Lystek International, have told us what they think makes the Water’s Next awards so special.

Join us, May 30th, at Blue Mountain to celebrate the best in water.


Kat Hartwig, Executive Director, Living Lakes Canada—2017 Water’s Next Award for Non-Government Organization & Water Steward of the Year

Kat Hartwig.

It was a privilege and honour to be recognized. Often when you win those kinds of awards, you get lots of notes of congratulations from your colleagues. It is just nice to have the recognition, because often this work is unrecognized. I think Water Canada is doing a good thing by recognizing the hard work of people who have been involved and dedicated over the decades.

*See a full interview with Kat Hartwig in Water Canada‘s Mar/Apr 2019 edition.*

Kevin Litwiller, B.BA, Director of Marketing & Communications, Lystek International—2017 Water’s Next Award for Wastewater & Company of the Year

These are prestigious awards for many reasons, not the least of which is the depth and credibility of the industry professionals that sit on the evaluation and selection committee—in addition to Water Canada itself, as an organization.

Kevin Litwiller, Lystek
Kevin Litwiller accepts a Water’s Next award for Lystek’s work in 2017.

There are other, tangible benefits that can be realized by this kind of professional acknowledgement program, such as the value it provides from a marketing and brand awareness perspective by helping to raise the profile of innovative, Canadian start-up and/or quasi start-up companies. These measures are critical during the building stage of any organization.

Simply put, the annual Water’s Next program awards program, by Water Canada is fantastic and we encourage active participation in it!

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