About Circular Economy Showcase

A circular economy aims to maximize value and eliminate waste by improving the design of materials, products, systems and business models.

Circular economy strategies encourage:

  • The design of long lasting, reusable and easily recyclable products
  • Decreasing the use of virgin materials and non-renewable resources and increasing the use of renewable resources and recycled materials
  • Shifting from “waste management” to “resource recovery” where everything has a value and zero waste goes to landfill
  • Shifting from linear supply chains that produce disposable products to circular supply chains that produce ongoing services (product-as-service)
  • Dramatically reducing the negative environmental aspects of economic development (such as pollution) through carbon-neutrality, using non-toxic-materials and other strategies

About the Organizer CIAL Group are Canada’s pioneer experts in design and implementation of advanced environmental and sustainable development strategies. Its founder, Colin Isaacs has more than thirty years of experience in the most advanced environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance strategies for business. Other members of the team bring the combined experience to more than 100 years!  About Holland Circular Hotspot Holland Circular Hotspot is a private foundation that aims to accelerate the international transition to a circular economy by connecting companies, knowledge institutes and (local) authorities, and support international collaboration and knowledge exchange on Dutch circular economy. The activities of Holland Circular Hotspot are:

  • Offer insights in and access to the network of Dutch circular pioneers;
  • Develop and exchange knowledge on international market opportunities for circular economy;
  • Create circular opportunities internationally by matching offer and demand;
  • Support companies and organizations that want to contribute to internationalization of circular economy;
  • Stimulate cooperation between the private sector, knowledge institutions, governments and other relevant parties;
  • Provide international visibility of Dutch CE innovations/best practices;
  • Facilitate access to Dutch and international (financing) instruments and programmes.

HCH works with Special Envoys, selected circular economy experts who can represent the Holland Circular Hotspot Foundation worldwide.

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